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Graacher Domprobst


"Domprobst" is the only vineyard in the Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler Wine Estate which is not planted with Riesling grapes. The 0.5 hectares that we hold in the lower levels of this steeply sloped location face southwest and provide excellent growing conditions for Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), a grape variety planted in Graacher Domprobst in 1986 after land consolidation, making it one of the oldest Spätburgunder vineyards in the area.

The soil is deep to medium-deep, and the weathered stony slate soil has clay content in the upper layer. A clay terrace underneath the 15-foot thick slate topsoil is conducive to a good channeling of water to the vineyard.

The name "Domprobst" is directly connected to the Cathedral Provost (Domprobst) of Trier, who, prior to the secularization which started via Napoleon at the beginning of the 19th century, got one-third of the 10% share that was levied as a wine tax in Graach.
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