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Wehlener Sonnenuhr


"Wehlener Sonnenuhr" (Sundial of Wehlen) is a vineyard located in the heart of the Middle Moselle wine region, directly opposite the well-known wine village of Wehlen. The small south-southwest-facing terraces reach up to 250 meters above sea level.

Bluish-grey, primarily stony slate from the Devonian Period forms an especially good reservoir for heat, storing the heat during the day and releasing it to the vines during cool nights. Deposits of loess and quartzite bring additional mineral components to the wine. The increased work demanded by cultivating the steepest area right around the sundial is rewarded each year by outstanding Riesling wines, largely produced from older self-rooted grapevines.

The sundial in the vineyards at the Wehlener Sonnenuhr location was erected in the 19th century by Jodocus Prüm, one of the ancestors of the Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler Estate. The Riesling wines from this vineyard have a fruity elegance combined with a lively character, and there is no doubt that these wines are among the best-known and most noble white wines in the world.
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