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Erdener Treppchen


Erdener Treppchen is the largest of the three vineyards of the small wine village of Erden. Erdener Treppchen - just as its companion Erdener Prälat - grows across the Moselle River on the opposite side from the village of Erden. The third vineyard is Erdener Busslay, which is located on same side of the river as the village.

Erdener Treppchen faces south and the many cliffs surrounding the vineyard create a very special microclimate. The soil is medium-deep to deep and consists mainly of stony, weathered slate. The Riesling wines from this vineyard are fine, noble and classy with good fruitiness and elegance.

The name Treppchen is a diminutive form of Treppe, meaning "stairs", but in the regional dialect and applied to this vineyard it means "terraces".
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