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Brauneberger Juffer


Brauneberger Juffer is a well-known vineyard location on a steep slope which stretches parallel to the Moselle River from Kesten to the confluence of the River Lieser. On the Moselle River, it is located across the river from the town of Brauneberg.

The soil is medium-deep to shallow and has a very low content of fine earth. The weathered and stony clay slate soil gives the wine a strong mineral taste. Brauneberger Juffer wine is marked by robust and classy Rieslings having a lot of fruitiness.

Already in ancient days, the Romans were aware of this optimal location and used it for wine-growing. The old Roman wine press house at the foot of the vineyard is evidence for Roman wine production. The Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler grapevines in this vineyard are right next to this old pressing house.
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