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Quality levels in Germany

Riesling grapeThe legally defined wine quality of a wine is measured by how it is assessed at the official wine quality testing.

For the purpose of verification of wine terms, the Latin color (color), odor (smell) and Sapor are (flavor) used. Influence on the sensory properties, the grape, the vineyard (terroir) and the ratio of ingredients, including the must weight. Other quality-determining factors are the amount harvested, treatment of the grapes at harvest, the extraction of the must during pressing, fermentation, and the expansion of the wine.

Precipitation is the legally defined quality wine in specified quality levels according to national law. Quality wines and quality wines are made in Germany have the sensory and analytical examination of the official wine quality check is successful, to be designated as such can. Successfully passing the official examination documents the quality of wine Official Exam Number (AP-Nr.) associated with each Quality and Prädkatswein after the German wine law is allocated. It must be declared as mandatory information on labels. Superior quality wines can get a quality wine, depending mainly on the must weight, one of the following attributes:

The quality level is determined on the one hand the cost of the producer and the other in the market price of the wine enforceable.

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